1500+ songs

My Featured Song placements include:


"Die Chefin"

"Haferkamp & Koslowski"


"Falling Stars" 

"Toni, Mannliche, Hebamme" 

STRAMU Festival, Wurzburg

I have played 1000+ concerts @

Berlin Guitars - Berlin

English Theatre - Frankfurt

Mother Redcaps - Dublin

Club Acoustica - Sydney

Blue Balls Festival - Lucern

Huiskammer Festival - Amsterdam

Status Quo support - Calw

Arrested Development Tour - Germany

Mandy's Lounge - Homburg

KulturSpeicher - Ueckermuende

Music Star - Nordestedt

Akustik cafe - Tuttlingen

Die Luke - Ludwigsburg

Garnix Open Air - Munich

etc etc etc etc etc etc etc ...

Paul performs with "Lord Of The Rings" flute soloist ALAN DOHERTY - September 2019, Fellbach, Germany

For live shows I sing and accompany myself on a selection of instruments including guitar, piano, ukulele, lap-slide guitar and harmonica. 

Since 2014 dozens of my songs have appeared in TV crime shows, movies, short film, advertising campaigns, and in  festival promotions . 

A 'Force of Nature'

I've been performing my foot tapping, soul-searching live shows for more than 20 years. I've slowly but surely worked my way from busking and playing street music, parties and weddings, cafes, restaurants and bars up through playing theaters, showcases, concert halls and festivals in Europe and Australia. 

Dubbed 'the quintessential singer-songwriter' (Nashville music empresario Joe Lamont) and known on the European circuit as 'a force of nature' (among other things :-p) my commitment to writing songs and playing shows all over have gradually earned me a growing and loyal fan base for which I am truly grateful.


Paul Fogarty

Karlsbader Weg 3

71111 Waldenbuch, Germany

phone: (++49) 07157721959

cell:     (++49) 015731778965 

email 1: info@paulfogarty.one

email 2: paulfogartymusic@yahoo.com.au