Songwriter for Hire 

If you would like to take advantage of my skillset as a songwriter, composer, arranger, singer or musician simply contact me.

About Me

I was born and raised on a small dairy farm on the Darling Downs in South East Queensland, Australia.

I began writing songs at 15 and I've written a couple thousand since.

I feel like my job is to write out the songs that come into my head. They come in dreams, while driving the car, while running, while shopping in the supermarket, while climbing the stairs. 

Since 2014 a couple dozen of my songs have appeared in TV series, movies, and short films as well as tourism campaigns and festival showcases. 

I play100 concerts and festivals a year throughout Europe and Australia - solo  and in duo format with mercurial talents such as Alan Doherty (Lord of the Rings flute soloist), David Flower, Wayne Grajeda, Marcel Pleasance, Jenny Weisgerber, Klaus Weiland, Christoph Schellhorn, Christoph Deschner, Gabor Josika, Andrew AJ Jolly, Beth Wimmer, Ally Westover, Amarina Davies, John Tomassi, Alan Kelly, Jay Bishoff. John Gordon and others. 

Paul sings "I Gave You My Everything" (co-written with Marco Meister) for German hit TV crime show DIE CHEFIN