Jan 7 - Holiday Park, Coffs Harbour

Jan 8 - Element Bar, Coffs Harbour 7pm

Jan 12 - Anchor Bar, Woolgoolga 7pm

Jan 13 - Diggers Club, Woolgoolga 7pm

Jan 14 - Urunga Originals 3pm

Jan 14 - Dark Arts, Coffs Harbour 9am

Jan 21 - Jetty Beach House, Coffs Harbour 12pm

Jan 22 - Element Bar, Coffs Harbour 4.30pm

Feb 09 - 5 Church St, Bellingen 7pm

Feb 11 - Diggers Club, Woolgoolga 7pm

Feb 17 - ABC Coast FM 3.30pm

Feb 19 - Alfresco's Garden Cafe, Eumundi

Feb 20 - Bribie private function 10.30am

Feb 21 - Brisbane Underground Folk Club - 7.15pm

Feb 22 - 99.7 BRIDGE FM radio 4.00pm

Feb 25 - Sandgate Post Office Hotel 5.30pm

March 18 - Bribie Island RSL 7pm

March 31 - Diggers Club, Woolgoolga 7pm

May 12 - Diggers Club, Woolgoolga 7pm

May 20 - Marcoola Surf Club 7pm

May 21 - Era Bar, Redcliffe 3pm

June 10 - Bribie Island RSL 7pm

June 18 - Alfresco's Garden Cafe, Eumundi 12pm

June 23 - Diggers Club, Woolgoolga 7pm

June 24 - Sandgate Post Office Hotel 5.30pm

July 1 - Sandgate Post Office Hotel 5.30pm

July 9 - Street Corner Jimmy, Newstead 4pm

July 15 - Sandgate Post Office Hotel 5.30pm

July 30 - Barefoot Bar n Grill, Noosaville 3pm. 

August 2nd - Bribie Island RSL 7pm

August 5 - Diggers Club, Woolgoolga 7pm

August 6th - Era Bar, Redclliffe 3pm

August 12 - Bribie Island RSL 7pm

Oct 28 - Bribie Island RSL 7pm

Nov 18 - Bribie Island RSL 7pm

Dec 16 - Bribie Island RSL 7pm

'Well I met you in the lobby of a big hotel

  You were smoothing your lip paint on

    You said ‘don’t look at me like that stranger,

       I ain’t here to serve no one’.

We picked up the baggage gathered around our feet

   Booked a room with a terminal view

     Since that day come whatever may

       Nobody else even looked like breaking through'


 'I ain’t got no one to talk to any more

    I ain’t got no one who’s gonna stand on my shore. 

      well my howling heart is just longing to be freed

       I stay up late every night just to feel it bleed'

         ("WORLD OF PAIN")

'Well they gave us a wheel and we die every day

  they cover up the carcasses and drag the wreck away

    well the bombs fell down and the windows blew

     there’s no skin on me

      there’s no skin on you

       tell me why won’t the sun come out

         why won’t the sun come out'


'Well ain’t you the lucky one

  yeah the lucky one

   white boy

     born white …. in a white man’s world

Never had to doubt

  you never had to go without

    in a white man’s world

      in a white man’s world

Ain't you the lucky one

  yeah the lucky one 

    don’t you cry for me

      if you don’t feel no pain'


'Stumble out of bed, mile wide head,
  fumble down the Clayton's hall to the kitchen...
    I pop another pill from the window sill,
     it's all I can do to stop this itchin'.... 
I rinse out a glass, wipe it on my ass
  just to put out the fire  on my tongue...
    my mouth is an ashtray, head is a rainy day
     and all my friends are mad dogs and englishmen'


Paul sings "I Gave You My Everything" (co-written with Marco Meister) for 6 million viewers of German hit TV crime show DIE CHEFIN (THE BOSS). The switchboard was inundated with calls praising the power of the scene/music

'I’ve been lost 1000 times

   just to crawl my way back home

    to count the cost of withered rhymes

      makes me feel not so alone'



'I seen a diamond sun 

  Shining in your eyes

    Tell me why can’t this be love

      You head is trying to tell your heart

        some crazy alibi,

          Tell me why can’t this be love?'