I love teaching guitar - watching people's eyes light up when they realise they really can play that special song is priceless.

All it takes is a little practice, a little motivation, a little faith and some expert guidance.

With four decades of experience as a professional guitar player and 20 years as a guitar teacher I've learned how to fast-track your progress on guitar. 


Writing songs seems simple enough.

Writing a song that actually says what you want it to say is a whole different thing. 

Everyone can draw a picture of a lady standing with her arms folded in front of a lake. But few can create a Mona Lisa.

Songwriting is like that, and everything in between.

There are soooo many factors involved and nobody has come up with a magic formula. 

But there are a lot of things you can do to help make your song more effective, to make it cut through and say what you are really trying to say. 

That's where I come in.

More than 100 of my songs have gotten radio airplay in Canada, the UK, College Radio and NPR in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, South East Asia and Australia. More than 50 have been picked up for commercial uses in prime-time TV, feature films, and advertising. 

I've been able to cross-fertilise my journalism training and songwriting experience to compose more than 2000 individual original works. 


There are a lot of songwriters who cannot sing or play instruments as well as they would like. This means hiring a singer  and other musicians and a studio and producer to get it done. It means rehearsing those musicians and singer/s, booking time at a studio, booking a producer or engineer who can bring it all together.

I am a one-stop-shop. I do everything you need me to do. Sing, play guitar, play piano, bass, percussion, add drum tracks, string sections, an oboe. Pretty much whatever you want. 

I can help with writing the song, converting your poem into a song, rearranging, composing, the whole deal. 

We keep in touch and work it out.

At the end you have a song or bunch of songs or a melody or an instrumental of some sort, whatever you want. 

The going rate is $100 per hour. 

I can knock over an acoustic demo - voice and guitar, voice and piano, some pads/strings, harmony vocals all in 90 minutes.

(See Fee Schedule on this page)






Lesson Prices: 

45 minutes @ $45.00

60 minutes @ $60.00


Music Production Fees:

Per Song:

      Acoustic demo: $150.00

     Full band demo: $350.00

 Per Day:


     Half day: $350.00

     Full day: $600.00 

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