Mister Rogers demonstrates the two basic principles of artistic endeavour: 1. Don't sell your soul. 2. Don't let somebody else sell your soul. 

Something to ponder while getting off on Spotify - Spotify is the herpes of the music biz, so be sure and wear  condoms over each ear.

If you REALLY want to listen to my music on Spotify, go ahead. Knock yourself out.

Somehow some of my very early and poorly recorded music has found it's way onto Spotify.... through amalgamations, sell-offs, buy-outs and sheer digital trickery which I am ill-equipped and not even interested in keeping up to speed on.

I am always looking ahead. Can't sleep nights cos I'm excited about what I'm gonna write and record the next day. So I got other shit to do than spend my  time worrying about which greedy sonsofbitches are scraping whatever percentage off the top, the middle or the bottom of my song catalogue - cos they can't actually make any original music themselves. So be it. I feel sad for them. Up to a point.

The only way to legitimately buy my music from me is through this website, coming to a gig and buying a CD from me, or making a purchase digitally through Bandcamp and Amazon.